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Wir unterstützen CRISPIN im Management.

CRISPIN aka Nicolas Crispin is a dance, EDM and chill-house producer based in Germany, who made his way into the music world with the electronic music duo BUNT. Starting in March 2022, he will start releasing new tracks regularly with the newly founded solo production and DJ act CRISPIN, working with labels such as Loudkult and Electro Posé. CRISPIN’s sound varies from classic dance tracks by the likes of artists such as Topic, Zhu, Ofenbach, Regard and Hugel – but also more mellow tunes you would find in laid back, chilled house playlists with artists like Fred Again, Chris Malinchak, Ben Böhmer or Hayden James.

Vocals play an inherent part in CRISPIN’s productions, be it in form of chopped samples or vocals of singers and songwriters from his music bubble. For example, his debut single „SATELLITE“ (release March 11th 2022 with Loudkult) was recorded with Vienna based songwriter KATYA, the track was also produced in a studio in the Austrian capital.

With BUNT., CRISPIN has worked with renowned colleagues such as Georgia Ku (Felix Jaehn – So Close), Joe Janiak (Avicii – Bad Reputation), Brian Lee (Kygo – It Aint Me), Andrew Watt (Justin Bieber – Peaches) and many more, stacking up plays of up to 20 million a track. His productions also found their way into commercials, you might have heard his signature in commercials of brands like Apple, Jeep, Kia, Spotify or Hollister. He played tours in the USA and made people dance at festivals such as Coachella.

CRISPIN’s tracks are inspired by his stoic, calm character, but also by the love for dance music in the 2010s or even by Disco and vinyl from back in the day. His productions range from being the perfect soundtrack for a blissful evening by the beach in Portugal after a long day of surfing or on the main stage of a dance festival during sunset.

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